Our main applications are in the field of elastic fabric, Lycra and knitted fabrics, but we also projected and installed plants for woven fabrics and technical fabrics (PVC, Polyuretans, Synthetic grass).

Our production covers many fields:

Inspection machines to check the quality of the fabrics. We have a wide range of models: Simple machines for small productions and full automatic rolling and cutting machines, driven by PC.

Transport and packing plant for fabric rolls with full automatic packing machines with all the possibilities to close the extremities: welding, clipsing by plastic clips, shrinking, ultrasounds.
We supplied 14 installations in combination with EVS for full automatic quality control of the fabric in high speed
Winders and unwinders for dye beams.
Inlet and outlet of stenter frame and printing line.
Plants and machinery for special rolling applications.


Informatic Systemi

Our range of production is completed by informatic systems with dedicated software projected by REAL TIME, able to collect and manage all the data concerning quality control, detection of weight - length - variation of width, printing of labels and reports, connection to the main frame of the customer.
Control of production in weaving department.
Control of production in dye house.

Welcome in LA MECCANICA S.r.l.

Headquartered in Urgnano (Bergamo), La Meccanica has reached today a real industrial maturity and ranks high among the world's specialists in the sector of inspection and packing machines for all types of fabrics. The produced machine are always in upgrading and reply to all demands of users, also thanks to the use of avanced automation and robotization with PLC. Using of a very modern site with 5000 sq.m covered, advanced production facilities, and with a high-efficiency automatic warehouse, La Meccanica has the "tools of the trade" to supply high quality machines.

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