Technical office

Technical office is working with specialized staff working since many years in the design of control , transport and packing of rolls machines. Our machines are designed and personalised in order to solve and satisfy the specific request of customer. Whenever possible special machines are designed to be fitted in the best way in the production process of each company. To satisfy this sort of requests, the technical office uses the most modern and known informatic systems of company management inside of "La Meccanica S.p.A.", to offer a dinamic assistance pre-selling to the customer.


Sales office

Our inside sales office has the support of sales-staff with a long experience in this field. A very efficient internal office takes care of preparing and sending quotations to customers. Every sales is responsabile for a specific market section (internal or external) and cooperate with a network of agents all over those countries where fabrics shows to be very active.

Welcome in LA MECCANICA S.p.A.

Headquartered in Urgnano (Bergamo), La Meccanica has reached today a real industrial maturity and ranks high among the world's specialists in the sector of inspection and packing machines for all types of fabrics. The produced machine are always in upgrading and reply to all demands of users, also thanks to the use of avanced automation and robotization with PLC. Using of a very modern site with 5000 sq.m covered, advanced production facilities, and with a high-efficiency automatic warehouse, La Meccanica has the "tools of the trade" to supply high quality machines.

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